Hi there, I'm Seona!

I'm a hybrid designer with many interests and curiosity. I use design as a tool to make sense of this world and always ready to ask the right questions for successful projects.

I recently graduated from the MFA Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, a multidisciplinary program that intersects physical products, digital products, experience design, service design, and entrepreneurship with systems thinking and strategy.


Prior to studying design, I studied Public Health and Urban Studies at College of William and Mary in Virginia. Afterward, I have created dynamic data visualizations to make sense out of healthcare policies.

Design Manifesto

I’m a designer who wants to discover more about myself, others and the world. I embrace the unknown and imperfect and find joy in tackling complex processes. 


My work supports an inclusive culture in which people can experiment and find their own true value. I use my creative skills to encourage curiosity, diversity, and self-exploration. 


I enjoy collaborating with people from different parts of the world and approach each project with cultural sensitivity and awareness.