Adaptive Dwellers

Exhibition design, Research, Branding

My Role

Research, Copywriting, and Branding

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Adaptive Dwellers is an emergent home of today that invites visitors to learn essential survival skills and urges their participation in mitigating the environmental crisis.



It is year 2100 A.D. and the world has experienced global warming of 4°C, rendering a large percentage of the earth uninhabitable due to heat stress, desertification, water stress, constant flooding, earthquakes, and widespread airborne and vector-borne diseases.

As a team of 18 apocalypse survivors—Adaptive Dwellers futurecasts how they continue to live and survive with the help of tools.

Projecting its location in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada—where the effects of climate change have not been as severe, the home invites the rest of the world to come and learn to adapt. The dwelling contains tools and instructions for basic survival skills that re-harness the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.


A series of four full-body engaging interactions that provoke guests to think and learn about survival strategies in the midst of climate change.


"Learn essential survival skills and urge to mitigate the environmental crisis"

Initial research started within its own group of activities -- water, fire, air, and earth. As a part of the 'water' group, I researched on water-related issues and many possible ways to cope with. After several sketches, prototyping and iteration, we focused on water filtration and harvesting.

We designed and performed the interaction of filtering water with low fi prototypes and tested the interactions.

After all the activity groups have designed their interactions, everyone was divided into different groups to build out the exhibition - Research, Branding, Fabrication, and Costume team.

As part of the Research and Branding team, I worked on solidifying the researching and creating a cohesive narrative. 

With this narrative, I prototyped posters, stickers for the tools, and postcards to hand out.