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The Challenge

The current generation is facing housing crisis, student debt crisis, slack economy, burnout, etc. This generation, the Precariat is highly mobile. In 2017, 45.3% of people 25-34 years-old lived in their home for less than two years. In this process, they often find themselves surrounded by disposable chipboard veneered flat pack furniture.


How can we create more sustainable furniture without compromising the look and price?

The Outcome

Ollie is modular furniture that is sustainable, mobile and that can grow with you at any stage of your life.

Market Opportunity: Furniture Waste

• Furniture is the least recycled household item in the U.S.

• 9.7 million tons of furniture waste going to landfills each year

• 74% of Americans prioritize experiences over products


Entry Level Furniture

• After paying rent and student loans, there is little money left for furniture leaving many with cheap disposable furniture that is ill-suited to frequent moves


Furniture that stays with you from college, through the moves, and through the milestones of your life. Our furniture is affordable, modular, portable, classically styled, and environmentally conscious. Our furniture are building blocks to build life.


Ollie's website highlights both the mobility and permanence as the products are introduced to the customers.  

The main innovation lies in the customizable configuration which is shown through the product animation of moving shelves and drawers.

Customers can begin with one Ollie or keep adding on to create and use as a credenza or a bookshelf. Customers are able to purchase different parts as they get worn out.

Once the customer is done with Ollie, she can return the old Ollie to be recycled and refurbished. She can just schedule a pick up or drop it off to the local store.

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